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The Humanitarian Emergency Response Team started out as group of famous gamers coming together by pledging to immediately mobilize their audiences and fundraise when a catastrophic event takes place.

Very quickly, word began to spread about the project and the amount of interest from the rest of the gaming scene turned it into a movement. then turned into a platform that everyone can use for both personal and charity fundraising because the most devastating natural disasters on the planet need an equally massive response that can bring the level of support that is needed.

When an emergency takes place, founder Athene immediately travels to the location to deliver public live updates

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This large-scale health system strengthening project, entitled MaMoni HSS, aids 6 underserved districts of Bangladesh in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOH&FW) and provides essential maternal and newborn health services to a population of approximately 9.1 million people. A portion of the MaMoni’s program includes provision of accessible services for child birth closer to home and the project is in the process of upgrading union level facilities to provide quality care for safe deliveries on a 24/7 basis, providing women with an accessible option for skilled attendance when they give birth. Bangladesh suffers from a weak health infrastructure and centralized planning and distribution, and there is often a critical shortage of essential medical supplies for mothers and newborns in pockets of these 6 underserved districts. The MaMoni project can use funds raised from private sources to fund the procurement of essential medical supplies, equipment and medicines which can be put to work immediately to provide lifesaving services to mothers and newborns in remote and vulnerable communities in Bangladesh.

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Growing up Great project is implemented by Save the Children in two urban slums, each with 1 million inhabitants, in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Growing up Great is an adaptation of a successful project in northern Uganda, which demonstrated a decrease in gender-based violence, increase in use of health services and more gender equal attitudes and behaviors. Growing up Great targets the places where adolescents ages 10-14 go for guidance – parents, schools and community clubs - with a set of gender equality-focused health education games and activities specific to the developmental needs of young adolescents living in these urban slums. Growing up Great will target three principal audiences: (1) In- and out-of-school adolescents will be targeted through school and community youth clubs with evidence-based games, stories and puberty books specifically designed to encourage reflection, sharing with peers, and health-seeking. (2) Parents of the adolescents in the program will be targeted by screening videos of other parents testifying to the importance of gender equality as part and parcel of healthy adolescent development (3) Community members will be targeted through community based child protection committees. Changes in adolescent attitudes and behaviors will be measured every six months via field surveys for the life of the project, so that Save the Children and partners can better understand the processes of change and development at this critical time in these adolescents’ lives.


Growth through Nutrition will provide ongoing assistance to strengthen the institutional and policy environment, develop its human resources for nutrition, and implement strategies that address poverty and food security and social and behavioral barriers to optimal nutrition. The project proposes significant investments in agriculture and WASH to address gaps in the availability of diverse food in targeted areas and the supply of WASH products and services needed to alleviate stunting. To achieve maximum gains, the project will ensure that nutrition efforts come together, layering interventions in the same areas so they converge at the community and household levels, are coordinated across organizations, and harmonized within GOE agencies.

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